Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i hate that word.
well the real one.
i just e-mailed in my FINAL project that i have spent hours on.
hours and hours and hours.
no joke- probably around 15.
maybe even 20.
its been UNREAL.
but its allll DONE!!
and turned in.
now i just wait for the grade and im allll done!!
that is until i take it at DUKE next summer.

needless to say- since ive been back from chyrsalis-
ive been sick. ive slept. ive worked. and ive done stats.

noooowwww im all done! and plan on starting on some summer projects!
(new kitchen table. paint my current desk & make a study oasis for when school starts)

thats about it.
off to enjoy the day!!

love & peace

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