Monday, July 5, 2010


saturday night we decided to host a party.
so we did just that.
we grilled out. played corn hole. sat around for hours and hours.
talked. lingered over really good lemonade & berries & yogurt. & we kept eating cookies.

we sat around citronella candles and caught up with friends who have been far and wide doing ministry all summer. it was so good.
so fun to have a house full of people.
laughing. smiling.

sunday was the perfect north carolina summer day.
sunny, warm and beautiful day.
topped off with a seventy degree- starlit night sky.

we had such a wonderful night.
the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
(we actually went to the zoo yesterday! and had a blast! ill post more on that later)
so tomorrow is monday. the start of another work week.
luckily ive got this great weekend to push me through!
then saturday im FLYING HOME TO GEORGIA!
five days with the family & sara
can you believe that i haven't seen sara since she has gotten engaged!?!?!

let's just say our reunion--- its going to be epic.

lots of love & peace from our home to yours tonight.
hope you had a safe and wonderful weekend.

love. joy. peace.
the sniders

PS this would have been full of pictures- but blogger wont upload any pics! ughh

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