Sunday, June 6, 2010


let me update you on my life.
well really just the exciting things.

first off- in case you didn't hear- my BESTEST friend is getting married. and im her MOH! matron of honor that is. im sooo excited. if only i didn't live 12 LONG hours away... thank goodness for airplanes.

lets see... what else. oh yeah. i met with my advisor at duke.
i SHOULD graduate may 2012!
crazy. only TWO years away. pretty unbelievable.
i dont know if i'll actually do it- but i sure hope i do!

only ONE week of school left for me! (as in statistics class). my online class should be finishing up this week. im sooo excited about that!

next week ry & i are heading down to savannah to work a chrysalis flight. im pretty excited about that one also!

oh! ry's sis is leaving tomorrow for a summer in the dominican republic! keep her in your prayers! she is staying with some missionary friends- and im sure going to have an amazing summer!

and wellllll. i baked a poundcake today! i opened up a recipe book- and the first poundcake recipe i saw just happened to be my GRANDMA's! (now ill add this recipe book did come from her church. a good old southern baptist recipe book) but its still fun that the first one i came to was hers! I called her up, we edited the recipe a little bit... and here it is:

it is a bit yellow. but the bottom (which was on top in the oven) has the perfect crispy-ness to it.
anyway. its delicious. im sooo excited about eating it all week long.

well- movie night tonight!
adios for now

love & peace

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