Wednesday, June 9, 2010


statistics project & statistics final.
those two things have overtaken my life.
ive spent HOURS and HOURS (no joke) working on my project that is NO WHERE NEAR FINISHED.
and then spent HOURSSS studying yesterday for my final.
which is TOMORROW.

so the final IS open book. but oh my. its still going to be a BEAST.
there is sooo much information.
sooo much to know.
sooo many formulas that i have to understand how to use and when to use.

but thats ok. after these two things im DONE. and can have a fun filled summer with ryan before our lives get REALLY crazy in the fall.

anyway. i needed a break so i blogged. i am about to head out to the library to re-take every quiz and test i took this semester. thats a great way to study right?!?!
and i haveeee to get out of my house. because being here i just want to clean. or watch tv. or be completely distracted. its FOCUS time!
the project is on hold. its just due in the next couple weeks... but i wanted to finish this week.
oh well. on hold it goes.
study overload here we go.

love & peace

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