Tuesday, June 1, 2010


this is the first summer in SIX YEARS that i have not moved.

enough of our friends are moving though.
paula bought a new house!
julia moved to a new apartment!
mk moved to the obx to be near her soon to be hubs!
and our new neighbors- who happen to be friends from school are moving in!

andddd all of that in the last two days!
i will say at first i was a bit jealous.
i like to move.
(probably because i have done it A TON in my life)
so hearing about friends packing- moving- reorganizing- starting new-
it made me want to!

until today.
ry & i helped the sis in law to be (mere) move out.
after ONLY an hour of sweaty carrying i realized im quite happy not moving.
mere lived in an apartment that was prob 400 square feet. maybe?! and she had NO big furniture so it was a SUPER easy move out- but still. hot! i can't even imagine packing up our house and moving out.

and now... like right now... our neighbors are moving in. they have movers--- good call! --- but still. unpacking! and all the stress that goes with moving...
ive decided im quite happy in our little cabin in the woods!

next year...
when we hopefully move for ry's first job... we will have movers. and ill be excited. for now though- im enjoying my house. without boxes. without stress.

just me. ry. and our quiet cabin.

:) Love & peace!

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Julia said...

i'm pretty jealous of your not moving for sure!! i guess it's all greener pastures. and Audie and I are already saving our pennies for the next time we have to move so to be able to hire someone!!