Thursday, February 3, 2011


tonight: im relaxing.

after 8 hours in clinic today taking in all the overwhelming disease processes, medications, education, drug rep schpeels (yes. i mean that word. however you spell it.) and the even more enormous amounts of charting-- ive been relaxing tonight.

oh how ive needed it.

im currently reading this.
ok fine. ill tell you so you dont have to click.
water for elephants.

oh my. its so good. i don't--- can't put it down.
it was a poor decision on my part to start it the second week of school, but dang it.
im determined to finish it.
so tonight im reading.
and enjoying one night of freedom.... until (probably) next thursday. if im lucky.

first big test next week which means goodbye weekend.

off to read before i fall asleep!

love & peace.

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