Tuesday, February 8, 2011


im alive.
i promise...
but between studying and studying and running and working. and then a baby shower.
ive. been. swamped.

crazy week.

BIG test tomorrow.

BIGGER game tomorrow night-- and i get to go.

BIGGEST game of the year: duke vs unc
((its been called the biggest rivalry in college sports))
ryan & i have tickets.
me and ryan are checking in at 630 in the AM ((before my BIG test)) in hopes of getting a slightly better spot than the people that check in all day.

(and by check in- we go. check in. stand in line from 6.30am-7.45am. then from 8p-5p line people have an exemption-- to go to class. then at 5pm we get back in line until the game at 9pm. yeah. duke basketball is insane. oh and if you think my 6:30 am is crazy-- people got in LINE TODAY. for the game tomorrow night. yeah. and they can't leave until 8am. really. we are crazy about some basketball here)

its going to be unreal.

i need to focus now and study--- although its really hard.
kinda like a kid before christmas day.
no really. im that excited.

duke= once in a lifetime opportunity every day.
im so blessed to be here.

off to study-- or try.
love & peace


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