Friday, February 11, 2011

best wednesday of my life---

it started at 6am.
this is us at check in.
we were #55 & #56 in line for the band side.
thats insanely awesome.

((insert here a long day of class then meeting back in line by 5:00pm)
we stood in line. ate pizza. drank wine. hung out with friends.

fastforward to 7:30pm....
us. inside cameron.
in our spots.

and yes. we could see the court that well. we were THAT close.

about 815 here comes dicky v.
he lovessss him some dukies.
so we got a lil crazy with him.

((insert ridiculous basketball game here))
there was a lot of stress. we were down 16 points.
and had the BIGGEST COMEBACK since the '50's.
it was insane. incredible. loud. the place was shaking. my ears were ringing. we were sweating.
the best basketball game i will probably EVER see.

and then.
we won.

so what do we do when we beat our biggest rival--
burn those benches!!!

we burn benches.
and we burn them all night.

it was an incredible day.
something ill never forget.
so thankful for the fun amazing experience.

((sorry it took so long to blog. i had to work 12 hours yesterday-- it was awful. then had clinicals today. also exhausting. BUT I DID SUTURES on a realll person. ill blog that tomorrow. its been a great restful evening and tomorrow im going to get all caught up on life.))

love & peace & GO DUKE!


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