Monday, June 13, 2011


the past several days ive been in the community that ryan and i are moving to in just a few weeks. 
im so excited about our future here. 
not only is it beautiful!
the people here are so great. genuine. sweet. welcoming. and full of love. 
i can't wait to move. 
im excited about our new house. our new church. and our new community. 

i started my clinicals today-- down the road in black mountain. 
and it was a wonderful day. 
i loved the clinic site. the patients. the providers. the other office staff. 
really-- its just a different way of life here. 
slow. genuine. care-free. relaxed. caring. kind. 
i really, realllly like it. 

i think i just love mountain folks. 
there is just something different about them that i love.
im thrilled about the next chapter in our life. 

our life in the mountains. 
as a pastor's family. 
in the country. 
with cows as our neighbors.
casseroles in the fridge. 
rocking chairs out front. 
a swing in the backyard. 
and lots and lots of sweet tea. 

im pretty sure i was made for this. 

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Sara said...

best part=casseroles in the fridge. hahahahha. Just kidding, love you and so excited for you guys!