Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tacos. words. netflix. math.

there's my day... in a snap.
tonight was taco night. mmmm.
we stepped it up a notch this week... added some HOMEMADE guacamole.... sooo delicious.
taco night is my favorite.

this past weekend we signed up for netflix... and probably have our month's monies/money's/ money (?!?) worth already. since there are instant movies and shows online- you can watch stuff anything! and well we have loaded up. :) ry gets to watch his fav shows online... super fast... we get to watch movies... all for 8 bucks. quite nice. and highly recommended. today our first movie cam in. the wrestler. we watched it tonight. veryyyyy interesting. its a documentary style film about a 'pro wrestler' 20 years after he is the IT thing... sad. gloomy. intense. stressful. overall very good. keeps your attention. keeps you antsy. makes your heart break. def a hit. watch out... its a bit gruesome... like i had to close my eyes... and im an ER nurse... just sayin...

ok moving on to the only other part of my day... math & words.
study study study.
its what ive done.
finished up the math (algebra & geometry) section of my book. and am working on reading comprehension and vocabulary.
sounds like im in 9th grade... i know.
its CRAZY! a bit embarrassing. and FRUSTRATING!

and well apparently my last word of the day... according to my dear husband... is "very common. im shocked you didn't know that. i mean its in the Bible" so.... whatever. i guess my vocabulary is just THAT bad. i was like oh my dear heavens ryan. and then i refused to talk to him for one minute. haha....

whatev. since i have not posted (due to my lovely work schedule ) here are a few words randomly choosen from my "400 GRE words YOU should know"...

::penury (n.) extreme want or poverty; destitution::
::mordant (adj.) bitingly sarcastic:: *possibly the favorite of the day*
::nadir (n.) the lowest point::
::glib (adj.) showing little thought, preparation, or concern::

so you may know all 4. maybe not. oh well. those are the words of the day.

anyway... my oh so boring life is back to studying.
so i can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.
(: yay for 2 days in a row off.
annnnd yay for another upcoming weekend off!

im excited about the possibilities of the coming weekend. :)

love & peace

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Katie B said...

We made our own tortillas- let me know if you want the recipe, so good! Also, we love Netflix too. Who needs cable when you have Watch Now and a $20 cable that hooks your computer to your TV?!