Sunday, September 20, 2009

the grrrrrrre

its official.
im taking it...
in 50 days to be exact.
i have actually started studying my book.
and its going well.
my problem is....
my vocabulary is awful.
perhaps ill do a word of the day for the next 50 days... just to help increase your vocab as well...

sad the weekend is over... but thats ok.
there are always many more to come.
ry & i did eat a lot of good food this weekend: delicious pizza, we made baked peach chicken (so scrumptious), and had chicken sausage, oh and we had a choclate molten cake tonight for dessert! mmmmmm. (:

good news: 2 weeks until our mini vacation. ry & i are heading over to the beach to visit colin and rest & relax for a bit!! oh yeah... before we go... we are off to see U2! wooOO!

hopefully they wont play any dirge at the show. yes. dirge. thats the word for the day:
dirge (n.) a mournful song or poem
did i even use it in the correct context? who knows...

well off to study a little.
and perhaps shower before bed.
lovely day of groceries & work

peace & love

1 comment:

Sara said...

ask john about the context. haha
I'm sure Ry would know! He'll be good to have around as you learn all those words that you'll NEVER see EVER again!


anddd I miss you.