Monday, September 28, 2009

work week

its monday.
first day of my work week.
luckily- unlike the majority of the world out there-
my work week consists of 3 random days.
with varying work hours.
its a very interesting work schedule...
one that is good while im young, but its not one that i want to "settle into for life"
in fact, i like routine.
i like a plan.
i always enjoyed going back to school at the end of summer-
one, because i like school- but also because it was a routine. a schedule.
school 8-3; sports practice 4-6; hw, dinner, bed
now, my life has no routine. there is no schedule. its just random.
and sometimes feels like random chaos.

i suppose this is good if someone out there is trying to "stalk me".
i would say thats next to impossible.

anywho.... this weekend was so nice and good. i loved it! saturday sooo relaxing and fun with mama rob & ry... then yesterday more reading, studying, and relaxing with ry. and then last night we watched a movie

::walk the line::
i loveeeeeed it. ry said its a bit long, and slow at some points, but i really did enjoy it. all of it. in fact when it was over i wanted more! i loved the music, and the storyline... since i had no idea what johnny cash was like. it is def a "rent-er" if you like music (there is lottsss of that) and just seeing the story of a person played out.

anyway... enough ramblings for now.
hope you have a great week doing what you do!

love & peace

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