Tuesday, September 29, 2009


now then... if that were a simple arithmetic problem-id be in business.
just reduce the fraction. and all is well.

instead... thats the fraction... to my life.
the last 24 hours... i spent 16 of them working.
at the hospital.
(and no... it wasn't for some crazy pay either)

needless to say... ive been quite the tired one today!
they needed a lil extra help today so i went in... after 6 short hours of sleep!
nothing a little starbucks couldnt' handle.

after work- i somehow managed to go to target & the grocery store. spend too much money. and then come home to my wonderful husband to have a delicious pizza. watch 30Rock. and relax... with the windows/door open.

they are all closed up now... bc yes... its TOO COLD! :)
low tonight in the 40's.
mannnn. its coooool.
i looovee this weather. its my favorite.
especially with the delightful pumpkin spiced candle we have burning.
yummy apple cider.
fall is my favorite!

and finally... my last comment of the day.... ill stop changing my colors/backgrounds/pictures.
i know... im like picture ADD... sorry.
i think this one will do the trick... until its winter.

anyway. love & peace
and happy tuesday

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Amanda Mae said...

Just a suggestion for your gmat studying...
You should try doing crossword puzzles. They can help you learn the definitions of words in applicable ways that you remember. I don't know if you like that sort of thing, but I thought it might be helpful.