Saturday, September 26, 2009


no really. whatever the "time clock" says... unless it says 3:24am its wrong.

im wide awake. ergh.
i mean i did work tonight... but seriously. ive been up since 10AM YESTERDAY. like friday morning. and its now saturday morning.

i find it so strange how life changes you. i mean if you knew me in high school or college you KNOW that danielle sleeps. and danielle goes to bed early. like by midnight. throughout my jr & sr year of college (nursing school) it was a PRIORITY. i quit studying and was in bed by 12 so i could be up around 8-830 for my day. really. and now. look at me. its 3am. and im wide awake. rearing to go.
strannnnge. oh well. hopefully a little benadryl and a few vocab words will knock me out...

work was good.
i reallllllly like what i do. granted, i dont like working 3-3... and id much rather be at home with my hubby... once i get to work... for the most part i realllly like it. i actually feel like (95% of the time) like im helping people. there is that 5% of people who are complete jerks, rude, raise their voice for no reason, and like to make me sad... but whatever. i have to remember the other 95% of ppl that im teaching, helping, laughing with, or crying with. kids are my favorite. tonight i had 2 PRECIOUS kids... with kids its instant gratification as well. at least both the kids tonight. both were quite sick, but once they got a little medicine inside, with some juice, they kicked right up and were laughing and smiling. it was nice. (:

i have the weekend off... wooo :)
mama robin is coming up- which is exciting- except we dont have an extra bed yet! i want a FUTON chair sooooo badly- but the nice one- the one that will last us forever- is like 400$ all togheter (chair, mattress, pad) and well we dont really have that laying around. haha... but soon enough i suppose.

ok. enough rambling. off to try and get some rest.
(: love & peace

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Laura Frazier said...

You are one of the nurses people who come the the ER are glad to have! I have only been once and my nurse was mean! I was 28 weeks pregnant and REALLY sick! So her being mean made me cry!

If I ever have to go again or God forbid Tommi does...we are driving to NC to have you as a nurse:)