Friday, September 25, 2009

time flies

where have the last two days gone?
i know i was very productive... but seriously. i dont feel like 48 hours have passed since i last worked! oh well.
i have gotten a lot accomplished....

studied a lot of words.
cleaned the whole house: vacuumed, scrubbed, put away, washed dishes, washed clothes... done it all.
eaten some good food (tacos & lasagna last night!mmm)
and i have enjoyed being home with ry. :)

one night of work and then a weekend off with ry! and his mom!! :) woooo.

anyway. going to get ready for work and such... but hope you have a super weekend. :) whether you have a dormant weekend, or a halcyon one, or maybe one that is profligate. enjoy!

** i dont have a clue if those words are used in context... but they mean
dormant: inactive, latent
halcyon: calm & peaceful
profligate: recklessly wasteful; wildly extravagant

... all of those coudl describe a weeekend. haha....

ok im out.
love & peace

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