Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wonderful wednesday

... im indecisive... about this background/layout. i like change. i like making things new. i can't decide what/ how i want to change the blog.

...went to another 8 hour class today & thoroughly enjoyed it. i find it QUITE ridiculous, the people who choose to NOT take advantage of the FREE seminars & classes that DUKE is holding for its co-workers. the speakers are quite well known, and very very VERRRRY smart. so why would you NOT go? and ps... i get paid to go? yessss. lovely.

anyway. learned a lot. and will be (hopefully) taking another one next month. :)

... went to target. how in the world did i go in with FULL intentions to ONLY purchase a notebook, 3ring hole punch, dividers, salsa, and a small surprise for ryan... but i leave spending 50 bucks and having loads of goodies to show. ekkKK. but i will say- i got some AWESOME deals.
box of 12 ballpoint pens: TWELVE CENTS!
spiral notebooks: TWELVE CENTS!!!
Folders: 25 CENTS!!!
fun random stickers: 70 CENTS!!

it was glorious.

....went to dinner with my super cute hubby... mexican. our fav. sooo delicious. except.
for the first time in EVER. like history. i ordered something other than:
(if you know me, you should know....)

this is a test.... what do i ALWAYS 100% of the time get???

i always always ALWAYSSSSS get a
beef burrito & rice.
for some reason i went out of the box and got
a beef enchilada, cheese enchilada & rice.
:( bad mistake.
i mean it tasted fine, but it was NO WHERE as good as my
forget thinking outside the box again.

hmmm what next. oh yes.
studied for the glorious GRE. ew!

talked to the bff... who i miss like crazy :(
im GOING to convince her she MUST come up to NC in JANUARY!!! MUST!!
then ill come down to FL in MAY... thats a good plan rght!??
so far apart!!! :(

and well finally we are here.
ry is in bed.
im trying to stay awake (for work reasons)

oh... i am UPLOADING honeymoon pics to shutterfly!! how about when i hit "upload" it said... this will take approximately.... 4 hours and 53 mins... ewww. ill check on those tomorrow. haha...

ok well.
enough rambling.
i know you are bored... but before you go... check out my other bff's blog.


she's my bff from kindergarten.
super witty, fun loving, crazy gal. who is just getting her blog going.
you will enjoy.

love & peace

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ozob said...

just a mom here... according to your list and my math you spent a buck 19 on "goodies"... where is the other 48.81????? oh... salsa. you...miss you.... mom