Tuesday, September 15, 2009

8 hours

...today i sat in class for 8 hours...
not sure how i feel about it.
it was def educational. and i realized yet again- that working for DUKE is pretty darn amazing. i have these long 8 hour classes, but taught by people who are pretty smart folks. duke provides pretty darn good educational opportunities for its employees. so even though it was 8 hours, in one room, that had no windows, and was in a basement (with no cell service) it was good. and i learned A LOT. and i enjoyed it. annnnnd. lucky for me i get to go back tomorrow for more goodness. the worst part is... i have to wake up at 7am.
me & 7am dont quite get a long.

on that note... i should head to bed soon... where my husband is already sound asleep. he was tired... and i was not... in any way. so he went to bed without me. :( haha....

two more things about today...
... one....
skye & i ventured to make a "craigs list" purchase. but we failed. the item i wanted to purchase was a FUTON CHAIR! ry & i want one for our office!! so we can have a spare bed as well as a handy chair to sit and read/ study in... anyway. found one on craigslist. was excited about it. drove to this ladies house... WITH SKYE! (and pepper spray) ....never go alone/empty handed!.... but the bummer was... it was NOT a futon!! this lady tried to convince us it was, but then she realized, nope. it wasn't. in any way. :( sad day.
oh well. the search continues.

today was me & ry's one month-aversary.
we celebrated with HOMEMADE shrimp alfredo!
**like made the sauce from scratch!! soo delcious**
and had a lovely glass of wine with some yummy fruit for dessert.

it was a lovely evening.

back to class tomorrow.

love & peace

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