Monday, September 14, 2009


today i began studying.... again.
i have not studied in over a year and a half... but today it commenced again.
this time for the GRE.

it was nice to go to a coffee shop and study.
in fact i loved it.

is that weird?
anyway. im excited about studying something for the next couple of months.
i plan to take the big test the first week of november.
we shall see how it goes.

.... today i also selected my top 52 wedding pics... EK! so hard. ry & i went through- numerous times- all 360 pics to narrow it down, then narrow down, and narrow it more. we were suppose to get it down to 40... but we couldn't cut anymore. haha.... so hard! especially when your photographer is so ridiculously amazing! she is taking these pics and making one of those sweet photo books. :) mmmm can't wait!!

... also added my sweet husband to my insurance today. crazy! talk about feeling like a grown up. ekkk.

... also made a new email address. with my NEW NAME! ahhH! what in the world. soooo crazy. all these changes! hmmm.

... had breakfast with my bff sara's grandparents today! which was super fun. they were in the area and planned to stop by to have a meal with me... it was so nice to have "family" in the area for a little while!

... then had breakfast for dinner with my hubby! mmmm. waffles! yummmm.

ok. wow... what a random blogggg. aren't they all?

love & peace


jlindsey said...

Oh Danielle...flattery will get you everywhere...


Mr. and Mrs. Coggin said...

I'm so excited you're going to have a photo book! You will treasure it forever. I still (not like it's been that long...) look at mine all the time.