Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday ....

.... working in a little bit so i must be fast....

:: went to an ER christmas party at one of the doctor's houses last night... def fun. good food. and a bottle of wine given to ry & i - def a good night.

::its cold! lows 30. high 50. yay for winter!

:: i reallllllllllly want a white christmas.

:: ry has two finals this week! pray for him. im just counting down until wednesday... his last day!

:: i stated an ebay account last night. i dont know where ive been, but ebay bidding is UBBER FUN.

:: going home to columbus in 2 weeks. :) yayyyyyy

::oh dear. must run.... trying to squeeze in some pancackes before work

happy sunday to you all
love & peace

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