Saturday, December 12, 2009

saturday morning smiles

saturday morning and im on the verge of feeling better.
still sniffly, sneezy, and coughing, but better.

im looking forward to a fun day with the hubs.
shopping for a few more christmas gift items-
going to a local used book store-
hopefully finding a pawn shop to take some old school dvds that we have-
wrapping presents-
being together (WITH NO STRESS!! since school is out)

AND.... celebrating five years of "officially" being together.
so if you didn't know... ry & i met our first day of college.
on "the patio" at our college. after a few months of talking, getting to know each other, and becoming friends on 12.12.04 we made it "official" in became "girlfriend/boyfriend"...
and it all took place on that bench...

anyway... in years past we have celebrated this day by going to the sundial in atlanta; taurus in atlanta (which was awesome, but sadly closed now); a fantastic hidden gem in newnan; and last year, well we kicked it up a notch and flew to new york for a long weekend (: ...might as well right!? now that we have a "REAL anniversary" i believe 12.12 is going to be just a low key out to dinner at a nice place event now. which is fine by me. i have an idea for tonight and im prettttty excited :) anyway. its crazy what can happen in five years.

im so lucky to have such a wonderful man at my side.
he has really made the last five years unbelievable.

off to shower and start the day.
i hope you have a wonderful saturday!

love & peace

*this was our saturday night project*
ry is the snowman with the top hat & im the lil person.
soooo fun and obber sticky!


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bennyboy and kelsey were quite upset when they realized that yall beat them to the gingerbread house project...they thought they were "ballin" and were quite disappointed to find out that yall beat them to it... i think we should start an annual macminn gingerbread house friendly competition...but as you know there is nothing friendly about the words macminn and competition in the same sentence.