Thursday, December 10, 2009

::insert sad face::

well 3 days of work are over.
after last night's AWFUL night... the ER was very empty tonight. thank goodness.
last night it was like a 4 hour wait... just so many people.
i suppose the word got out around town-
therefore causing NO ONE to come in today.
which is quite alright with me.

the coworkers were nice to me as well today... just floated around helping people. which was so good since im sickly. the nose is out of control stopped. pressure in the ears. weak. tired. cough.
lovely. not what i wanted for my next 3 days... but ohs well.

hoping some gooood longggg sleep will help.
and doing NOTHING tomorrow...
except a trip to the post office.

3 days off to enjoy with my hubby
2 days of work.
then home sweet home.
im sooooooo excited!!!!

a week later off to the outer banks.

then a couple weeks later its off to the BFFs in FLORIDA!!!

seriously. life is so good.
God is so giving.
His blessings are just poured down upon us.

love. peace. and health to you!
im off to bed....

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