Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i go home tomorrow.
so excited to see my family-
see friends-
enjoy Christmas time at the MacMinn casa
and be off work for a week.

its going to be so fun.
the 8 hour car ride down 85.. not so fun.
but at least i have some to share driving with.

so you kids enjoy the week before christmas.
i will be!


multitude monday
::not done on monday due to work::

-making a person smile and give me a hug at work
-christmas season
-looking forward to christmas eve service at chapel
-looking forward to me & ryans first christmas together
-having cool christmas presents for people
-selling a lot of books on amazon
-chicken nuggets and homemade honey mustard
-going to see my best friend in a few weeks


love. joy. peace.
to you all!

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