Thursday, December 17, 2009


here we are.
what an interesting 24 hours it has been.
more like 36 hours.
ryan and i made it safely home, after a long, and well honestly- disastrous drive.
not so much disastrous to us (well our morale)
but to boone- our jeep.
its possible we (maybe i) murdered him.
after an ambulance ride (aka tow) FIFTEEN MILES from home...
boone arrived in the driveway of my parents house.
luckily my brothers have mad car skills...
so after they looked at it- and a few mechanic friends examined him...
it appears boone is in a coma and not waking back up.
its going to take a lot of work to get him back up and going.
a lot.
the gist of it is... the engine ran without oil.
yes. we checked it for oil.
and yes. it appeared to have oil in it.
but no. there was no oil.
there was a leak.
and well we are screwed.
and depressed. and sad.
if you know the macminn's... you know that we have a car lot in our front driveway though....
so while in town we are gratefully driving another family vehicle.
saddddddddd day.
not exactly what i was expecting to come home to.

other than that... all is well in c-town.
the tree is up.
the family is together.
the boys are building a fire right now.
its cold.
and well im very happy to be home.
even though its suppose to SNOW tomorrow in durham....
its good to be home for a few days with the family.

well... that enough for now.
tomorrow is "christmas eve" in our house.
which should be fun and then...
saturday morning christmas!!!
its fun being a week earlier than everyone else. :)

well love & peace

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