Thursday, December 24, 2009

grab some joe

sit back.
this is going to be a long one.
BUT don't scurry away... it will be enjoyable.
full of pictures from the past- videos- thoughts- and my multitude monday built in
(christmas 04)

ill start by mentioning the trip home to ga.
what a trip it was.
after my engine blowing up- i figured all would settle down and christmas would be nice and peaceful.
i was wrong.
my dear great aunt & my mema came up to visit us on friday.
they were staying the night and going to spend "macminn christmas" with us on saturday.
well... my great aunt who is up in her eighties, fell at the hotel.
broke her femur in 3 places & shattered her wrist.
did i mention she was visiting my mema from south florida?
(like even more south than sara)
anyway. the aunt had a very successful surgery, and now is recovering in a rehab hospital in columbus. my mema has moved in with the parentals for the time being...
which has added a lot more excitement around the house
the hopes are for rehab to last a couple weeks and then she will fly home to fl for the remainder of rehab at home.

(christmas 07)

while at home i did enjoy lots of great family time.
we had a blast with the brothers, the cousin, the grandparents, and friends.
i did get to spend a few fun times with aims (one of the besties)
we ate LOTSSS of great food
laughed a lot
and just enjoyed family time

we had our christmas present time on saturday night... around 10:00...
it was loads of fun. ry & i ended up the deal with a sweet TV and loads of goodies.
i really just enjoyed being with my fam.
i do love them SOOO much.
and although we have scuffles, we have the best time together

(christmas 05)

we are blessed immensly that my parents have a car lot in their front yard.
not literally, but its almost there.
they have an 'extra' jeep that we were able to drive back to durham.
it made the long haul back after oodles of traffic throughout ga
without any problems at all.

we are not as attached to it as we are boone, but we are already brainstorming for good female jeep names. (:
we are silly. we know.
we made it back just in time to see glimpses of snow along the highway
AND in our neighborhood.

im dreaming of a white christmas... doubting it will actually happen, but hoping!
and knowing that at least ill have time patches around outside!

(christmas 06)

so. as i finish up this christmas eve blog
i sit and think about how blessed i am.

if i were 12 years old dreaming of what my first christmas eve would be like as a married gal

we have a fire going-
the tree is lit-
the advent candles are burning bright-
cookies have been baked-
holly treats were made-
christmas music is on-
the amazing husband is grilling a feast-
we live in a great house in north carolina-
presents under the tree-
going to a christmas eve service tonight-
this is it.

celebrating the birth of the king-
the birth of our savior-
with my family.
it may be small-
just me & ryan, but it is wonderful.
life is wonderful.

may you have a peaceful, joyful, merry christmas.
enjoy this time with your family. your friends.
the ones that you love.

christmas 08

the following video is actually the drummer of ryans favorite band.
yes. a "screaming" band. but listen to this guy sing and your opinion may change.
he has an amazing voice. and singing one of our favorite songs... little drummer boy.

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