Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hello again.

why hello friends and family.
i know i have been out for a while- ive been slightly busy.

let's see-- the best friend got married in south florida.

ryan & i road tripped it from durham to savannah- then to south florida THEN all the way back to durham ((all the way on i-95)) painful!

i worked on sunday

and have spent the past two days 'catching up'.
paying bills. doing laundry. running a million errands. cleaning well my amazing husband has done most of this). making a gift for a friend. buying school books. making work schedule/CLINICAL schedule. man- its been a very productive two days!

tonight ryan and i are going on a date.
dinner. then going to a really awesome music store (on the hunt for records). then my favorite store (Morgan's Imports). and finally a delicious dessert shop.

we are slowly getting back into the swing of 'real life' although- a week in florida with 75* weather and fun with our friends was soooo amazing.

love & peace & happy new year to you all!
:) bort

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