Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh the weekend--

my last weekend of freedom was wonderful.
so so so wonderful.

we enjoyed every moment of it.
we ate a lot of good food.
found reallllly cool eclectic record shops around town.
played some disc golf at a local park.
had delicious hot chocolate/coffee.
went to a little duke basketball.
went to cool local book stores.
shopped at the mall.
watched movies.
relaxed by the fire.
ate some more gooood food.
hung out with friends.
made some bread.
spent time together- just me & my sweet hubby.

it was so so so good.
a weekend to just breathe and enjoy and not worry about a thing.

sadly my 4 days of glory are over--
back to work.
but feeling refreshed and staying positive.
then school starts back tomorrow!
let the craziness begin.

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