Friday, January 28, 2011


so the other day i read this blog post.

and thought wow.
i wish i could do that. here. right now.
i wish i had that.

then i started thinking about my own "net".
and how i do have that group of women to catch me.

the group of women in my life that have made a huge impact. the women i admire. the women who have shaped me. the women that make me laugh. the women that have let me cry on their shoulders, in their laps, in their cars, on their sofas. the women that have taught me to go for my dreams. the women who encourage me and cheer me on as i go for my crazy dreams. the women who believe in ME. the women who have taught me about faith, persevereance, patience. the women who taught me to how to live a life of joy. the women who stood beside me on my wedding day. the women who are there for me at any hour of the day. the women i enjoy drinking wine with and day dreaming about the future. the women i could talk the day away with.

these women are my net.

and although they don't all live close-- they are always there. no matter the time of day. some of these women are new friends-- some are women i've known since i was born. but all mean a significant amount to me. and i know-- if we all got together in a big circle and talked the night away it would be an amazing night.

i am blessed to know each and everyone of you.

thank you for being my net.

love & peace.


KLH.143:8 said...

i love this. :)

it is such a blessing as a girl to have a "net" and i am so honored to be a part of yours. I miss you & love you dearrrr dani :)

ozob said...

It is not only a honor to be a part of your net I am privileged to be your mother. You have brought me much joy and I have always been so very proud of you. You are an amazing women and I love you!!!!!

Katie B said...

I have this great picture of you and me in the BSU on my nightstand. Think of you often and glad to be part of your net.