Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day!

lets make that snow day :(

snow day(s) 2011 have been a major let down.
#1 there is a mere .5 inch on the ground- its all nasty slippery ice.
#2 i still have to work. no matter what my job goes on. they will come get you at your house to ensure you are at work. so no extra vacation or sweet time for my hubby

i did have a nice drive home last night... i got to leave at 930 due to the lack of patients... on my slippery way home i drove through the snow ((which i will say was so so pretty falling-- i love falling snow. love it. it just gracefully drifts through the air. its mezmerizing i tell you.)) anyway. back to the drive. i basically slid my way down 85 last night-- pretty crazy. the snow was covering the highway and so you couldn't see any lines! ya just kinda guessed and drove.

i made it home safely. rested up and headed out today. luckily they treat and plow the roads here so its not so bad. but tonight... there will be ice.... and ill have to drive home in it. ekk.

only 2 more days of work ((i worked extra this week)) before me and ry's last free weekend before school kicks in for both of us. maybe a last minute beach trip? or a drive somewhere else? who knows.... maybe we will stay home and relax.

hope you are all enjoying the weather wherever you are--
love & peace

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