Wednesday, May 6, 2009

cough, cough

well. since last thursday ive had a sore throat.
since then its progressed and taken over my whole body.
i thought it would get better.
i was wrong.
it got worse.
my whole body aches. i have some nasty congestion. a gross cough. sore throat. and some dizziness.

diagnosis: bronchitis (i was tested for the flu. it was negative. ill know in SEVEN days if its the swine flu. but since its not the flu. its most likely (99.9%) not that) so please no jokes. ive heard them all.

anyway. im bundled up on the couch with my hunny. drinking OJ. and laying around. i can't do anything for a few days, but i sure as heck dont feel like doing anything.

so yeah. ill be here. watching soccer, gossip girl, and other movies while i try to feel better. but man. this is ROUGH.

hope you are well.

Ill be back in ga in a week!! (of course as long as i dont come down with the swine flu, and these drugs kick this infection)
my bff S graduates college, along with a million other of my close friends. S even happens to be giving a speech because she won basically the coolest senior of the year award. because she is awesome. (actually its the highest award for service & leadership. woohoo her. she rocks)

anyway. back to soccer and rest.
love & peace

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