Wednesday, May 13, 2009

separated & together

separated from him:

and realizing the next few months could be quite difficult.
the next time ryan and i are together for longer than 2 days will be...
when we are married.
crazy i know.
but we are now officially a part for the summer.
we will have some time together here and there for a couple days at a time,
but the day to day, have dinner every night together, hugs whenever i want, laughs just a drive away, errand running together, rambling around durham together, REDBOXING together, wii playing together... all over until AUGUST 15!!!
but then we are together.
so i suppose this break is a good thing.
i already appreciate so many little things... and its only been 3 days!
anyway. its going to be a crazy summer.
but a good one indeed.

and now for the TOGETHER part...
together with HER:

tomorrow for a few days!
the moh is graduating.
giving a speech.
moving her life.
and going through the madness of college graduation
and im going to hang out and goof off and be with her through it all.

its ABSOLUTLEY crazy that I graduated a year ago.
i dont think sara is going to be the only one crying this weekend.
im pretty sure i will be.

and reflecting a lot about the last year.
wow. what a year its been.
ups and downs.
i can't belive everything thats happened!!!

anyway. one last thing.
today was the craziest, most bizarre, most spiritual, most emotional day i have EVER had at work. i did a lot of thinking about life today. i had a younger patient on comfort care, just waiting to die (a fighter. a person who wants to be living). and then i had a young person who tried to commit suicide. this person failed though. thus was my pt. two opposites. two crazy cases. two people who shared a little bit of their life with me. man it was interesting. you could imagine the crazy emotions of the day. i did a lot of thinking... life is so precious. at any age.
im going to cont to ponder. and think. and write this stuff down.
i really want to write a book.
i think i should start.

i need to go to bed.
i have a long drive ahead of me.

love & peace to you all.


jlindsey said...

Call us when you get here!! Be safe!

Sara said...

im really sweaty.