Sunday, May 10, 2009

moms, storms. hoodings.

well colin has his M.Div. woohoo for him. yesterday was a celebratory day all around. had a lovely family lunch. went to a wonderful- and i mean wonderful- service where colin got his sweet duke div hood. and topped it off with a delicious dinner. fun sweet day.

the small minor glitch in the evening occurred (probably) around 6:00 as we were sitting in the enormous Duke Chapel there was a storm a brewin' outside. did not effect us to much during the service- just a few thunderous clapps here and there. but by the time we got home (around 1030 last night) we realized the storm must have been pretty bad. no power. anywhere. we decide to break up and go our separate ways to see if other houses/hotels have power. we figured between the hotel, my house and MK's house (C's gilfriend) someone would have power. well for me and al we had no luck. no power at my house. luckily i have a vast amount of candles and storm lanterns so we lit up the house. sometime in the middle of the night the power came back on. which i am grateful for. power is a nice thing to have. especially at night. it gets quite dark here in durham with no power.

anyway. thats my story on that. moving on to mom's day.
happy moms day mom.
you are really cool.
im glad you are my mom.
you do so much for me.
you are really funny.
you take me (or let me go) cool places.
you sent me money a lot (in college. no anymore.) but still. thanks for that.
you send me random packages sometime.
you like to go camping. (me too).
you are wise. and give good advice.
well you are just cool.
and i love you a lot.
thanks for everything you do.

ps i figured this would be quicker and more effective than a card.

see you in a few days!! :)

thats about it for now.
off to spend more time with the lovely sniders.
(: peace and love

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ozob said...

i am truly touched...and laughing...thank you my sweet daughter...look forward to seeing you very soon!!! love, mom