Saturday, May 9, 2009


sorry its taken a while to debrief mr. button's movie... but here are my thoughts.

1. long. especially when you are sick and antsy. 2 hours 47 minutes.
2. interesting concept
3. he was old for too long. let me elaborate without giving away the story. the movie (is obviously) about a guy who instead of gets older, he gets younger. and its the story of his life. well id say 3/4 of the movie he is OLD and 1/4 he is young. the end of the movie is very rushed almost. so yeah. i dunno. i didn't like that part of it.
4. overall its a good movie. but not a favorite. just interesting concept. and of course brad pitt is one hot man. so its nice to watch.

id say its not a rush to redbox to see. so if you haven't seen it yet, dont worry.

ok. now moving on...

soon to be brother in law C graduates DUKE this weekend!! woohoo for him.
so the "inlaws" are in town and we are hanging out with them having fun, chatting, and catching up.

they did come bearing gifts for Ry and I which is always fun! :)

AND they brought a BIG HUGE package from TARGET! it was a mystery gift that was sent to their house... when we opened it up we saw it was an AWESOME gift from an AWESOME family! ok or the awesome mom of the family. thanks L! it was a great surprise and an awesome gift!! im pumped about cookin up some goodies in my new crock pot! wooHOO!!

anyway. the move into the new hizzouse has begun. boxes and all my crap. ry and i laid on the floor of our new house last night and ryan said, "man. i thought i have a lot of stuff. you have tons. what is all this crap?" the funny thing is i have no idea either. where the heck did all this stuff come from? i mean i love crafting. and sewing. but dude... i have like half of hobby lobby in my new house! i think some downsizing is in need... but the sad thing is im getting rid of lots of stuff as i go.

oh heavens.

anyway. off to do fun family things.
more moving tomorrow.

love & peace.


Julia said...

I remember getting a HUGE box, i mean as big as the trunk of my car from target with a wedding present in it! It turned out to be a cake plate! too funny all the packaging that they place around things to keep them from breaking!

leegrayson said...

i am so lame. i have big fat tears running down my face.
"ry and i laid on the floor of our new house last night"

precious moments. love you guys much more than you know!!

jlindsey said...

I love that image two lying on the floor...sweet, sweet, sweet!

Glad the gift arrived, I guess I wasn't paying too much attention when I chose where to mail it to...