Sunday, May 10, 2009


thats my new last name. in 97 days to be exact.
its a nice last name i will say. and i would argue much easier to say and prounounce than the current last name. i mean if you know my last name. you know its not THAT hard... but the 2 capital letters and the C thrown in there... messes people up. im excited to by "snider with an I". seems so good and easy now. sure time will tell.

ummm. speaking of sniders. they (mom, pops, sis snider) left today to venture home. sadly. i like having them here. its nice. they went to the new house today- to see where ry and i would be living. they liked it... of course. im telling you. its amazing. a God send really. sorry no pics. what if a creeper is reading this and sees the pic. then hunts down my house. i mean. its possible. ill email out some pics of it to you who really want to see. (: anyway. today when we pulled into the driveway what did we see... DEER!! in the driveway!! :) thats exciting. i just love being in the woods. and close to nature. its wonderful.

what else... im super excited about all the fun things coming up. here is a rundown of whats in store the next couple weeks/months.....

1. im going home thursday!! woohoo to my BFF sara who is graduating!!... also going to see the fam!! (: and hopefully any friends who i can see!!
2. im going to savannah in 2 weeks to a chrysalis meeting (and to see the fam of course)... because home girl here is workin her first chrysalis and givin her first talk... on singleness. (kinda funny. and ironic. but it happens for a reason and im pumped)
3. im moving into my NEW AWESOME HOUSE
4. IM GETTING A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!! sooooo darn excited. like beyond excited. wow. what an answer to prayer.
5. im working chrysalis!!!!!! wooooow o woooow.
6. ry will be in the mountains all summer (hello fun trip to the mountains!)
7. i just so happen to know a future pastor who is going to be living at the BEACH (helllo beach trip!!)
8. im getting married. IM GETTING MARRIED. WOOOOWWW. ill be mrs. snider for reall!!

ok. thats. all.

off to bed.
well to read. then bed.

love & peace

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