Friday, May 15, 2009

ode to my alma mater

tonight i went to baccalaureate and then a dinner honoring sara and other honorees.
such a wonderful time.
a tear jerker. (sorta).
sara was recognized and gave a mini-speech.
and i got a bit tear-y eyed...
i think because since sara is leaving its kinda like its REALLY over here at lagrange. with her being here i came back often- and still felt VERY connected to the campus. but now... i feel like that connection is getting a bit further away.
i am on the alumni council and i do have dear friends here in lagrange- but after tomorrow its def different.

anyway. being at the fancy pants dinner tonight with all of the high ups in the lagrange college world- made me so proud to be a panther. this college is amazing. my alma mater is remarkable. doing incredible things... and has been here for such a long time. tomorrow is the 178th graduation. did you hear that ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT. wow. thats unbelievable. amazing. so cool. i do love my undergrad. a place full of wonderful people.

i mean i did meet my HUSBAND here!
find the bestest friend in the world.
grow up a lot.
make amazing friends.
get to know some incredible staff/faculty.
and have the best four years ever.

oh how i love this place in good old lagrange....

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