Tuesday, May 19, 2009

best friend

as most of you know....
i think i have the most greatest best friend.... EVER.
and i just spent SIX days with her straight.
that has not happened since we were in school together.
and it was the most awesome six days ever.

we celebrated her graduation.
played on the lake.
sat on the dock.
swang on the swing.
rocked in the rocking chairs.
stayed up WAY TOO LATE talking about life.
figuring out what life is all about.
or pretending like we have a clue.
we ate a lot.
laughed a lot.
cried a little.
did reallllly silly things.
sang hymns... and darn if we dont know every word to every hymn.
we are good little methodist preacher's daughters.

and really just enjoyed life together.

sara is the most awesome girl ever.
she is wise.

and i am SO blessed and grateful to have such an awesome best friend.

here are a few pictures from our last night on the dock...
we used saras fancy camera and used a long exposure.
then sara's brother B did funny things with a green laser.

anyway... our pictures....

john. sara. me. one of my fav pics... for some reason. but sara moved her head while the shutter was open thus the craziness.

my name.... written with a laser. with a long exposure.

haha... b had fun with the laser!

the foshee river cabin is one of my most favorite places in the world.
ill post more pictures in the next couple of days to show you why...

off to bed.
love & peace

ps. back to dur-ham tomorrow. after 7 awesome days at home


Sara said...

i just cried.

JM said...

y'all are sooooooo soooo cute. :)