Saturday, May 23, 2009


this makes the FIFTH may in a ROW... (as in five years straight) that i have moved in may. ughhhh. but can i just say. this might be my last move for TWO YEARS! dude!! that part is super ubber exciting!!! (: yay!! but its still a drag.

mom and brother R are coming up to help today.
anyone who wants to help is welcome!! come on up! we have room!!
tomorrow is the unloading/moving day.

since i have TWO months to transition... im taking advantage of that and living in two houses right now. but this weekend is to move ALL the furniture. stuff that wont fit in the xterra/ school bus that i drive.

anyway. i dont think mom is too thrilled about the moving part. hopefully i can keep her entertained by doing organizing things and she will leave the heavy lifting to R and me. anyway.

last day of my 3 in a row today!!
only 6 days of work until im in the ER!!

ryan is coming through durham next week!! so i get to spend a full day with him- then a couple evenings!! before he heads to lake junaluska for the summer.

i have an awesome best friend!! (: sf rocks my world. and because of her i have a new friend! jd. and jd is pretty darn awesome. has a lot of wisdom. and is cool/fun to be around.

umm i think im done rambling. going to eat breakfast. then do more work. haha...

peace & love.

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Emily Geyer said...

Ryan is working at Lake Junaluska for the summer? Nice! I spent lots of youth camps up there!