Monday, May 25, 2009

the big move

was a success. me and all of my belongings (except for clothing & school books) are into the new house!! mom and brother brought a uhaul full of things that ry and i needed... 2 dressers, lazyboy recliner, big grown up desk, awesome desk chair, bookcase, "china cabinet" (sorta thing) and lots of other good fun things. (:

after that we went back to my house and loaded up a trailer (TWICE) with all the other furniture: 2 couches, tables, chairs, outdoor furniture, tvs, beds, benches, oh heavens i have a lot of stuff. but at least we furnished an ENTIRE HOUSE without buying a thing. granted nothing matches, but dude... it has a LOT of personality. and well ry and i will make it awesome. ill be posting pics soon. its super exciting! i loooveeeee it!! and finally after opening some windows and putting some plug ins in the wall... it smells delightful! :) last night was the first night in the house- and i slept like a champ!

i am looking forward to tomorrow... working in the new house (and the old one! im trying to get rid of half of my clothes and almost ALL of my schoool books. i DONT want to move them!) alsoooooo ry and I are going strawberry picking!! dude im super super excited about this one! (sara and john if you guys come here... ill take you!! haha!)

anyway. hello to all of you out there. especially those in south floridia. i SO wish i was there... on the BEACH! after things get settled in and i do the wedding invitations (YIKES) im planning a day trip to the north carolina beach. .... i need a TAN!

ok. thats enough random rambling.

sara. i misssssssss you. hello john. since you now read this. hi mom. paula its been ages since weve talked... well like a week. but i do miss you. and hello to the rest of you.
have a lovely memorial day.

love & peace

one more thing. soon to be sister in law A left YESTERDAY for Costa Rica... for a FIVE WEEK trip. she is starting language school, living with a family, and doing lots of awesome stuff... but needs your prayers. for peace. for safety. to find friends. to have fun. and her mom could use some too!!!

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As one of the unnamed south floridians let mr say congrats on the move and decorating. I see a new show for HGTV. You would tan better down here.