Wednesday, May 27, 2009

no internet...

.... is good. and its bad. really bad. id much rather have internet than cable. so i may be making a few phone calls in the next few weeks. but first im going to talk to the neighbors. i mean i live in a duplex. doesn't it make sense that we share internet... IN THE SAME HOUSE! im going to see if we can split it. bc dude. internet is like 30bucks... and cable. holy cow! thats out of this world! who knew bills were so much! so def no cable. which isn't bad. i get the 4 local channels... does anyone know if i will def loose them when the "cable switches to digital"?? i dont use an antenna. i just have a cable plugged into my tv. i really dont want to buy that box thing. so yeah. anyway. no cable... not so bad. but no internet kinda sucks. at least there is internet at work... and i am at work 3 days a week... so not too shabby! ummmmm what else.

oh right. i moved. and im LOVING the new house. LOVE It! its fully furnished and all set up... in almost the ONLY way it will go. the house is interestingly shaped so furniture kinda only goes one way... but it works, and so far looks great. im hoping to this summer transform our house into something out of a "World Market" magazine.
1. i love world market and want everything inside the store
2. ry & i have TONS of cool stuff from all over the world. so its time to display them.
we shall see how it goes... i have high expectations though. haha....

anyway. 4 days until the new job. 4 work days. in reality 2 weeks....
ryan leaves saturday for yes LAKE JUNALUSKA!! how awesome is that. he will be there 10 weeks working at a church, livin at the lake, and workin at the methodist museum there. should be a super awesome summer for him!! (: ill be here working. decorating. and am now scheduling visitors!! come see me!! im only 3 hours from the beautiful mountains OR 2 hours from the BEACH! take your pick!! we could even venture to the outer banks for a couple more hours,.... really. the possibilities are endless!

and youd probably love my little cabin in the woods. (: its cute. and cozy. and we have lots of deer.

hmmm. i guess thats all.

until next time (whenever that may be!)

peace & love

oh and once i finally get internet ill post pics!


Julia said...

you can go to or something to figure it out. I am almost betting that the four you get now are because you have an internal antenna in the tv or something. We have the box and rabbit ears and now we get like 18 channels. it's worth it to get the box in other words- also the picture is a TON clearer!

PSIrwin said...

and I am pretty sure you can get a little coupon that will allow you to either get the box for free or for a much cheaper price.