Thursday, May 28, 2009

hellO wOrld.

let me update you on my life.

1. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK AT WORK!!! (and thats 3 days!!) at work on the current floor. then its off to the craziness of the ER! woohoo

2. no internet at the house. still not getting it for a while. BUT i did apply for a coupon for a converter box for our TVs in the house. apparently if i do that I will get like an additional TEN channels!! and the coupon is 40 bucks off. and i priced them today...and found a few for 50 bucks. so 10bucks for a clear picture of 14 channels. YES PLEASE!! at least until august and i got another person to help pay the bills! ;)

3. going to stay with the "in-laws" this weekend. i have a chrysalis meeting saturday in richmond hill... so ill be staying with them, which i am excited about. should be lots of fun hanging out with the rob-ster. she is one fabulous lady! and ill get to see sparker.

4. ryan leaves tomorrow. quite sad about that one. not sure the next time we will see each other. but there are a lot of letters in our future.

5. my bff sara is awesome. AND so are her grandparents! they sent me a "cookie bouquet" of flowers. they were cookies shaped like flowers. SOOOo cute!! soooo great! i LOVE them!! and i love her g-rents. FANTASTIC folks! just showing me some love. how awesome are they!!

6. my house im coming along. and i love it.

7. last night Ry & I started a puzzle. call us old foggies, but dude. we spent last night watching our 2 fuzzy channels on TV and started our awesome puzzle. its of times square. looks sooo cool.

8. thats about it. hope you are all great!! life is good.

peace & love

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Sara said...

at least when we're old we'll be doing the same things.