Friday, May 29, 2009


i am here at the snider's house.
the inlaws to be... enjoying some quality time with them.
they are GREAT, fantastic folks so its been lots of fun so far!

tomorrow we have a mtg for the girls retreat i am working this summer. the one im giving a talk about being single. tomorrow i am previewing my talk.... so tonight i wrote it. with sparker (the sis in laws bff) and 'rob' (the mom in law). her real name is not rob. no worries. anyway. its been an entertaining night.

not to much to say. except im SOOOO wanting to go see the movie UP. im hoping i can convince a few folks to go with me tomorrow.

tomorrow ry leaves for the lake. we had to say our goodbyes today. but ill prob see him in a couple weeks. so it was not too bad.

ummmm thats about it.

peace & love


JM said...

here's to living the dream with significant other's parentals on random countries. rock on.

JM said...

on should be in... but technically, I am 'on a country' i guess?