Saturday, May 30, 2009


went to dinner and a movie tonight with a few fantastic people... sparker (the sis in laws bff) & W (the sis in laws boyfriend) and M (another guy friend of the fam). loads of fun. 4 random people going out together to a movie, and having a blast. we saw UP in 3-D which was AWESOME. i def cried 3 times. loved the story. was so happy in the end. and got some sweet glasses. it was a fun night. and a fun day. its been a lonnnng one.

i did my practice talk this morning for the leaders of the girls retreat i am working later in the summer. that went well. then enjoyed a carefree afternoon chatting with the Robster. then had dinner with her and then headed to the movie. a great, fun, long day.

im off to bed so i can wake up for church, lunch, then a nice long 5 hour drive home.

looking forward to going home to a house though!! no internet though. so ill have to post again monday. but anyway.

another successful trip home to GA. (even if its the west side of the state).

love & peace

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