Monday, June 1, 2009

the long road home.

not much time.
but i will say my little 5 hour drive home from savannah yesterday...

which included a major layover as my car cooled down.
it overheated.
i freaked.
pulled over in sketchville SC.
cooled the xterra.
added water to the EMPTY cooling reservoir.
as soon as i added it- it emptied... why... bc my radiator was empty.
after it cooled i added MORE water (a gallon or so) to the radiator.
it was madness.
thank goodness for an AWESOME brother. he walked me through the whole thing.
even the part that included.
"ok now. go inside the gas station. buy a gatorade. sit down. take a breath and drink."
he is the MOST PATIENT, KIND HEARTED person i have EVER met. mr rich wins the award for life-saving brother this week!
(the other brother is off living the dream with his GF in SPAIN. yes. he is 19. and yes. her parents are there. BUT STILL!!!!)

anyway. i made it home.
got in bed.
and slept.
but woke up refreshed and have had a good day at work.
busy but good.

looking forward to 2 days off (except im coming in to pick up a couple extra hours. so no biggie)

new job starts next wednesday!
ry and i are doing ok apart so far.
kinda lonely. but still going strong.

anyway. all is well.
come see me!!!

love & peace

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Get that vehicle to the shop and checked out so you are not so delayed again.

Florida Pap