Tuesday, June 2, 2009


but first update on the car...
took it to the shop. its going to cost an arm and a leg.
but things must be done. its going back to the shop tomorrow at 730 am to get fixed.
and HOPEFULLY they will be done with it by 2:00 so i can be at work by 3:00.

im working overtime this week.
4 hours today.
4 hours tomorrow.
nothing crazy.
but every little bit helps!
especially with bills. a broken car. and a WEDDING!

thats coming up soon.
i made the invites today.
dang im pumped. i LOVE them.
nice. classy. but a lil different.

due to the car issue i could not accomplish anything else on my "wedding to do list" today. hopefully tomorrow. if not this weekend its going into overtime.

umm what else.
im hoping (depending on the car situation) ill be making a trip to see ryan this weekend.
he is SO busy... he is working with the church, the college age volunteers, leading a million bible studies and working at the museum.
museum man ryan lives again!! (:
he is loving the beautiful lake though.
of course!! who wouldn't!!

anyway. i should go.
things are well.
and the house is coming along nicely!
my invitation remains... friends... come stay with me!

ok. the end for now.
love & peace d


jlindsey said...

Isn't that how it always goes...get some extra $$$ and the car breaks down or you need a crown or your dog needs emergency surgery...ah...life! Glad you are doing well! xoxo


Glad you are getting it fixed.

Florida Papa