Friday, June 5, 2009


BUT today was the last day i have to wake up at SIX AM for WORK... for well... for... i dont know how long!!! do you know how dang awesome that is!! im SOOOO thrilled. pumped. excited.

today is the last day of work.
i treated myself to a delicious sausage, egg, and cheese bisquit from the cafeteria.
and we are ordering chinese take out for lunch to "celebrate" i guess. well im celebrating. and i guess my co-workers are just down for a good lunch. (:

anyway. four days off until the new j-0-b!

i plan on:
cleaning out old house.
cleaning out kitchen at old house.
organizing clothes to bring to the new house.
selling old school books so i dont have to take them to the new house.
then HOPEFULLy.... fingers crossed.... going to see ryan at the lake!!
hopefully i can sneak over there monday and tuesday.
but i dont know yet....
he is a busy preacher man this summer! haha.... those church folks like him a lot!

ummm still no internet. but i think i might cave and get it. i dont really mind no cable. really. but no internet... in our society... its just inconvient! like i cant email people things i need to tell them. and i cant blog. and i can't check my bank account. etc.... anyway. im going to see how much longer i can go without. but prob not too much longer!!

ummm i think thats about it.
sooo tired today though. i think its this rain. it just does not seem to stop.

ok the end.

love & peace

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