Saturday, June 6, 2009

coffee shop internet

i have no problem driving to a shop to get internet. or using the car shops internet. or trying to sneak it in at work, but the parentals (including durwood. the florida parental) has begged me to get internet. "it will be so much more convienent" you NEED it. etc etc.... so anyway. im here in a coffee shop and have parused the various internet options for the next few months... and well im going to call a few places and find out what i can do. i need to find something that i can get for cheap, but then add on cable in a couple of months... but it still be cheap. so im going to see what i can finagle.

anyway. until then. ive been moving more stuff out of the old house- into the new one. and have a huge "goodwill/consignment shop" pile. im hoping to get a lil bit of money from my clothes that are pretty nice. just old and unworn.

ive also been reading my financial book. dave ramsey- total money makeover. i recomend it. holy cow. quick read. and well its kinda life changing. if you let it be. im totally sold on his financial plans. and i hope to jump on board and start doing everything he says.

umm what else. OH. ive almost finished my awesome puzzle! looks cool. its of times square. (i got it right after our trip to NYC... just never had a place to do it. now i have a whole house!!)

also. bought (for free) my converter box for my tv!! i had the 40 coupon. AND the boxes are all on sale for 40$ even right now!! sooo it was FREE! and if i can get it hooked up ill get 18 channels for FREE!! hellO! thats awesome!!

missing friends these days, but doing a good job of staying busy. im hoping to go see ry monday or so, but who knows.... thats not a def. then start the new JOB. which im super stoked about. i kinda dont think its hit me yet- that i DONT HAVE to go back to the other place. i mean it was not as awful as i make it seem, but just not something i enjoyed. at all. in no way. and id really like to enjoy what i do.

well i think thats about it.

the car is back in action working well. which is good.

ok. the end for now. i should have internet going in the next few days so ill be around more often! ...i dont think the new job will allow for me to blog while at work. haha...

ok. the end.
love & peace

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Sara said...

from john:
you have your first month paid for.
get on it.
im not kidding.

the internet, i mean.