Monday, June 8, 2009

lake j

so i did it.
sunday after church
i decided it needed to be done.
i drove across the state to this place:

to see this guy:

and it was soooooo wonderful.
i got there just in time last night for dinner.
we followed that with a wonderful stroll around lake junaluska.
we sat out on the porch rocking in rocking chairs for hours.
after a late night we went our separate ways and headed to bed
to wake up early (darn ducks!!)
we went to asheville and wandered the streets downtown.
bought a realllly cool painting.
went in tons of shops.
and had a wonderful lunch.

all full of wonderful conversations.
and goodness.

then i had to pack it up and say goodbye to drive the 4 hours back home.
which is when this happened:

i felt like it was a monumental day.

anyway. at panera now. enjoying calming music and a calming bowl of soup.
have no idea what im going to do tonight- but i know i have to stay awake!
i need to try and stay up until 3.
but uhh...
i dunno how that will happen.

tomorrow i start the new job. :)
im working like almost nights. not completely. but i have to stay up late.
so we shall see how it goes.
i promise to post thursday on the first day.

im realllllly excited!!
pray for me though!
im a lil nervous about meeting people. and making friends. and this whole

but im super excited.

ok. enough for now.

did i mention im crazy in love with Ry and IM getting MARRIED TO HIM in less than 10 weeks!!


love & peace

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JM said...

awww yay, cute post. When my old car reached 100,000 miles, Megs, Marg, Blair, and Amber were with me and we stoppped, got out of the car and ran a couple of laps around it. I'm not really sure why, but it seemed like the right celebratory procedure. :) Glad you got to see Ryan :) Even though that ain't no kind a long distance.... jkjkjkjk