Wednesday, June 10, 2009

work. trap. life.

let me first discuss the trap.

i fell into the trap of society.
as of tomorrow afternoon ill have cable and internet.
at my house.
i called to get internet... and the guy talked me into cable. basically i just said yes so he would leave me alone. ughh. i cant believe i did it.
oh well. its only the basic bottom level cable. so thats still some money im saving haha.aaaa....

umm job.
i L--O--V--E--D it.
really. i had FUN! at work.
learned a crazy amount.
realllly had a good time.
it was so encouraging.
my preceptor is fantastic- which will make my experience great.
so im really excited about it.
and really. i just worked 12 hours in the ER and have tons of stories. i can gurantee as an ER nurse I am going to have some awesome ones!!
hahahaaa. oh gosh.... anyway.

i work 5 in a row sat-wed!! holy cow!!
but then off a week and off to savannah.

anyway. im doing well. life is good.
love & peace

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