Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ive been busy.

thus the reason i have not blogged.
since ive been back in durham i have worked every day.
had a sabbath (which included lounging around with my NOT busy fiancee! YAY!!, and going to church, seeing a movie, and eating good mexican)
i have also started packing and moving into the new hizouse!
im hoping (and this may be too much wishful thinking) but Im hoping to rent a Uhaul and move all the big furniture this weekend.
we shall see.

anyway. today was BIG. i had an interview for a new job....
wish. hope. and pray with me it works out!

it went well id say.
now its just a waiting game.

anyway. im going to pack more and maybe take a load over.
then cook dinner and relax with my hunny.

(: yay for summertime!

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