Thursday, June 25, 2009


good grief... what a crazy 7 days its been...

no time to blog. its 3.55am and time for bed...

but chrysalis: incredible
my talk at chyrsalis: wonderful
spending time with my amazing mom in law: fantastic

then ryan came to visit me!!!: i mean obviously freaking awesome

then i worked today: and well it was fine. nothing good. nothing bad. just regular.

missing friends a TON right now. like sara... a whole lot. :( and paula. gosh its been ages since we hung out. :( and always missing ryan. missing my family too.. but hopefully (fingers crossed) ill see them next week!

wedding countdown: 50 days. uuhhhh.... i think im a lil behind. oh well.

thats about all for now. off to bed.

love & peace
(and more blogs soon)

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