Thursday, June 25, 2009


oh gosh. who knew writing 147 addresses plus return addresses was so painful.
the bigger problem. im only on the 3rd address.
a little behind. sorta. i mean... if i can have them out by july 1 thats still within the 6-8 week time frame crap... i mean "time you are supposed to send invites"...

i say... ill send them when they are finished. and im not going to stress about doing them.
no need to stress.
again. people know when the wedding is.
and if they have forgotten... and they dont know what my wedding website is... or dont know how to find it... then they prob dont really want to come anyway. haha... oh heavens.

anyway. if you dont have facebook... you may not have heard about the drama of the missing checkbook. not really drama. just lost my checkbook. and needed to send in the rent check... yesterday.

oh well. after a couple hours of completley DESTROYING the "spare bedroom" (which doubles as an office- and triples as a sewing space) i have found a checkbook. wrong address on the checks, but same account... so should work like a champ.

tomorrow i finish gathering goods out of the old house. haha... yes. there is still stuff there.
school books. that i need to sell. make some money for this wedding.
i have some fun ideas for fun during the week before the wedding... but ill need some $$.

everything else is going great.
so ready for ryan to be here. and just stay. im so ready for him to be home from the internship!!
im ready for friends to be back HERE!

i did have a lovely lunch with a good old LC pal... julia. read her blog. over there ---> anyway. shes cool. had fun. then i had dinner with a friend from work. woah. double friend time. i know crazy. funniest part. i met up with another friend for a few mins. so literally... i saw all 3 friends that i have here in durham in a 6 hour time span. you could say it was a great day. haha...

well i should address a few more invitations.

did i mention im getting married in approximately FIFTY days. and a cruise a couple days after that. oh the cruise. gosh. im sooooo ready for that!!! a week of laying on a boat eating food. and having my HUNNY at my side (after a summer being a part) yes please.

ok. back to writing invites... maybe ill write yours next.

(: love & peace


Julia said...

so why don't you just print out labels? then you don't have to write them! I know that's not like for real the most formal way to do it, but i got a wedding invitation recently and it had a label and it looked really nice. just a suggestion, especially since you're using labels for writing space anyway!

Mr. and Mrs. Coggin said...

Hi! Don't worry about the "time frame" stuff. I sent mine out later than it said, so ha to the wedding guru people. We addressed all ours too, but I did print out the return address labels. Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Is this your 1st cruise? We're going on our first too! We leave July 4, and I'm so excited! Can't wait to see you! And yeah for joining the married club! :)